As a seasoned web developer with over 8 years of experience, I have honed my craft while working for top-tier agencies like Stein IAS and Amiculum Digital. With a focus on front-end web development, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in creating cutting-edge websites, landing pages, and tools.

As a Full Stack Developer at AMICULUM Digital for over 4 years, I have gained vast experience in developing both in-house and client-bound projects. My day-to-day responsibilities include creating and managing email templates, landing pages, general websites, and tools with CMS migration. Additionally, I have experience in Veeva eDetail builds and management, along with Approved Email creations, database backups, creation and management for MSSQL, and overseeing project deployments.

As a team player, I also manage the development team overview and ensure that everyone is on track. I review development builds from the team during the QC process and assist in ensuring that projects are correct in both design compatibility and timing. I develop APIs and REST services that can be used across a project or by another developer and ensure that all code is up to date daily using version control systems such as GitHub and GitLab for DevOps.

Furthermore, I am proficient in Umbraco development via .Net and C#, and have experience with Salesforce and MVC. My front-end development skills include HTML5, CSS, JS/TypeScript, VueJs, and React. I am committed to expanding my knowledge in the industry and have started to push myself to learn new frameworks and services such as Go, Angular, and more into React. Additionally, I'm interested in IOS development and expanding my knowledge within the C language.

As a dedicated professional with a focus on user experience (UX), I ensure that all projects deliver an exceptional user experience. I'm comfortable attending client and internal calls and adding input and attending developer meetings to ensure consistent progression and feedback. I have strong time management skills, and I'm comfortable balancing multiple projects.