Lee Torson | Web Developer

My names Lee and I'm twenty year old Apprentice Web Developer working for a digital marketing agency called Stein IAS located in Bollington, London, Paris, New York, Shanghai and soon to be San Francisco. I am currently concentrating on the role as Front-End Developer and learning the fundamental basics around how to take something plain looking and making it look beautiful and free from a UX perspective.

Overall I'm keen on learning new things and adapting to new techniques within the world of development. Whether it's building websites using SASS as a preprocessor to allow for an easier and more maintainable breakdown of my code or simply using B.E.M (Block, Element and Modifier) within my markup style to allow for maintainable style structure & resusable code.


Stein IAS

I started working at Stein IAS in mid June 2014 as an Apprentice Web Developer after a well thought out career move for my life. I originally began my career as a wannabe Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, growing up cooking for family and friends and moving onto to doing it as a BTEC at college. I got my first and second level and began doing my level three in an Apprentice position working at a high level champagne bar within the village of Prestbury called Bacchus.

Now I don't really want to drag on too much about this so if you want to read more about my late start, please feel free to check out my blog page.

During my time at Stein IAS, I've come across some amazing people who have taught me so much about web development. There's my good friend Jordan Lane *Back-End Developer* who I've known since primary school and who is a wizard at well... everything really. Then there's pretty much my mentor in style Shane Prendergast *Lead Front-End Developer* who has numerous websites and projects out that I've pretty much lost count on the total, let's just say he is keen.

You can find both Jordan & Shane on Twitter, I'd suggest checking them out!


I Know

I want to learn